Automation of internal transport, production flow, communication with machines and equipment. Streamlining of goods through the whole factory, optimization of processes and operations.

Automatisering AMS


Let the technology do all the work by using a real time based production management system.

Management of internal transport and automated equipment such as conveyors, automated cranes, AGV’s, robotic-warehouses and automated-warehouse systems will all be coordinated so that the flow of goods is best kept in production.

Easier everyday life

Full production logistics and process management through a single system provides full optimization of your routines. AMS real-time production system provides a flexible and modular solution that can be customized to a variety of production environments.

Automatisering AMS

We are proficient in

  • Automated planning
  • Production-logistics
  • Plans and processes
  • Flow of goods
  • Management of conveyors, cranes and AGV’s
  • PLC communication with machines and equipment
  • RFID and barcodes
  • Communication with labelling-equipment
  • Disposable resources
  • Mishandling and deviation
  • Tracking
  • Monitoring
  • Data-capture

Automated internal transport

  • Production-logistics
  • Flow of goods from workstation to workstation
  • Communicates with all possible transport solutions

Machine communication

  • diRect communication to PLC
  • diRect control and communication with machines and equipment


  • Programming
  • Customization

Labelling and identification

  • Sensors, readers, printers
  • Labels and labelling equipment
  • Barcode and RFID

How to streamline and automate product flow?

Coordinate processes and direct communication.

FMS controls the production-process for an overall flow of goods by using automated internal transport, and automated equipment as conveyors, automated cranes, AGV’s, robotic-warehouses and automated-warehouse systems.

AMS optimizes factories and coordinates processes in production through direct communication with machinery and equipment.

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