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Karoline Sand Nilsen


Due Diligence Assessment

Thrust is an efficient and user-friendly digital tool that helps you focus on your sustainability goals.

What is a Due Diligence Assessment?

A due diligence assessment evaluates whether a person or business has acted responsibly and is also related to traditional risk management.

Due diligence assessments are relevant in many contexts, such as labour law, compensation law, contract law, environmental law, etc. A due diligence assessment typically determines whether the person or business has acted by the requirements imposed on them. These can be requirements for professional competence, workplace facilitation, and compliance with agreements, laws, rules, and industry-specific norms or standards.

The Transparency Act examines whether the business has responsible operations and systems to ensure human rights and decent working conditions throughout its supply chain. Thrust conducts due diligence assessments based on the OECD's responsible business due diligence guidelines.

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Karoline Sand Nilsen