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Karoline Sand Nilsen


The Transparency Act

Thrust is an efficient and user-friendly digital tool that helps you focus on your sustainability goals.

The Transparency Act came into effect on July 1, 2022

Transparency Act ensures human rights and decent working conditions throughout the value chain. It is up to each business to have systems, processes, and documentation proving their efforts related to the work. 

Information Requirement

The law also imposes on businesses a duty to provide information and to conduct due diligence assessments. Details on their work with human rights and decent working conditions should be shared as a public statement. Stakeholders (customers, suppliers, and others) can request documentation from you anytime.

It is a legal requirement that the business responds to such a request, Thrust is your partner for this.

The statement (the result of the Due Diligence Assessment) must be updated and published by June 30 each year. With systems, structure, and documentation, fulfilling the law's purpose will be easier, which carries unnecessary risk for the business's further growth and development.

Bærekraft funksjoner

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Karoline Sand Nilsen