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Karoline Sand Nilsen



Thrust is an efficient and user-friendly digital tool that helps you focus on your sustainability goals.

UN's Goals for Sustainable Development

The sustainability goals are 17 global goals set by the UN to create a more sustainable future for everyone. These goals offer opportunities for businesses, especially in the SMB market, to create business opportunities and contribute to a more sustainable world.

Companies that take sustainability seriously can experience several benefits. They can enjoy a better reputation, attract new customers who want to deal with sustainable businesses, attract talent wanting to work for the company, and increase their ability to adapt to societal and market changes.

The sustainability goals help businesses identify areas where they can reduce their negative environmental impacts, such as waste and emissions reduction, and increase their positive social impact. Companies can cut costs, increase productivity, and improve their reputation by taking sustainable actions.

Sustainability with Thrust

An active strategy for working with selected sustainability goals can also increase customer loyalty and competitiveness. Customers are increasingly concerned about sustainability and prefer to buy products and services from businesses that take their social responsibility seriously. Companies that take the initiative in sustainable actions and communicate this clearly to customers will have a market advantage and increased chances of building long-term customer relationships.

Investors and business developers are also increasingly looking for sustainable investments and businesses that take sustainability seriously. There are also more and more laws and regulations requiring businesses to take sustainability seriously, and companies that do not follow these regulations risk sanctions and negative consequences for their operations.

In summary, sustainability can be seen as a key to long-term and stable business and provides opportunities for innovation and growth. Companies that do not take sustainability seriously risk negative consequences and loss of competitiveness.

Thrust is an efficient and user-friendly digital tool that helps you focus on your sustainability goals.

The Triple Bottom Line

Sustainability is about meeting today's needs without destroying the opportunities for future generations to meet theirs, i.e., sustainable development. Sustainable business considers the environment, society, and economy to create long-term, stable operations. This is called the triple bottom line.

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