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Karoline Sand Nilsen



Thrust is an efficient and user-friendly digital tool that helps you focus on your sustainability goals.

What is the cost of the Thrust tool?

Monthly price Thrust: NOK 2000,- excl. VAT with a 1-year commitment.

Support and Consulting

If your business needs help achieving your sustainability goals academically or using the Thrust tool, we have many skilled professionals to assist.


Sustainability Package
Offered at NOK 15.000,- excl. VAT, and includes:

Session 1

  • Training in sustainability for management and the board
  • Anchoring the sustainability work
  • Workshop for sustainability strategy

Session 2

  • Selection of sustainability goals and focus areas
  • Defining a plan for implementing sustainability work

* Sustainability goals survey sent out in advance

Session 3

  • Training in sustainability for the organisation
  • Workshop for sustainability initiatives

Communication Package

  • Presentation for training new employees
  • Support in preparing a sustainability report for publication

Transparency Act Package
Offered at NOK 15.000,- excl. VAT, and includes:

Session 1

  • Training in the Transparency Act
  • Anchoring in management
  • Guidelines for human rights and decent working conditions

Session 2

  • Conducting a due diligence assessment based on the company's industry and context

* Covers industry risk, 1 product/service, and one supplier

The company conducts the remaining due diligence assessments

Session 3

  • Review and support for conducted due diligence assessments
  • Support in developing measures
  • Initiation of measures

Sesjon 4

  • Support in preparing a statement for the Transparency Act (Report to be published on the website)

Bærekraft funksjoner

Thurst hjelper med:

Karoline Sand Nilsen