Datafangst - AMS

Reporting of material consumption, measurements, observations, deviation, status and tracking through the whole production.

Datafangst AMS

Data capture

Data capture is the foundation for good decisions for the production. With data capture from AMS you will always be updated by the latest and most useful information, which provides you to take the best and correct decisions for the further process.

Cloud solution

We offer web-based solutions that gives the users easy access to all necessary information. Wherever you are, you can always plan, monitor or register your information with solutions from AMS.

Datafangst / AMS

We are proficient in:

  • Capacity and actual use
  • Production
  • Material consumption
  • Process
  • Time-usage
  • Measurements
  • Documents, notes and pictures
  • Deviation

Material consumption

  • Planned material inventories
  • Registration of consumption
  • Barcode for registration of goods


  • Planned production of article
  • Serial number for individual handling
  • Labelling on article

Measurements and observations

  • Requirements of measurement of article per operation
  • Predefined measurements and observations per article/operation
  • Manually or automatic registration from equipment

Status and time

  • Report status and progress
  • Start/stop of used time on operation
  • Workplace interruption time – unforeseen/no processing

Quality in production – with correct data

Continuous overview of reliable captured data.

Correct information to employees is essential to ensure good quality throughout the production. An example can be access to documents and drawings, planned material consumption, measurements and observations. Labelling and identification is important to ensure good tracking throughout the process.

To ensure that data is reported correctly in the right place at the right time, AMS provides simple and easy-to-use reporting capabilities, or direct reporting from machine and/or automated production lines.

A separate industry solution for food production companies, diRect Food, ensures full tracking, handling orders, prescriptions, articles, measurements, inventory and deviation.

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