Automatic and manual planning for optimization of processes and efficient utilization of capacity.

Planlegging AMS


For utilization of capacity and actual use, continuous planning and optimization is needed. Our solutions handles orders for production, allocation of operations for resources, with information of materials, measurements, observations and time usage.

Updated status, progress and tracking is easy held by own screens for the operators, or directly communication with machines and equipment.

Cloud solution

We offer web-based solutions that gives the users easy access to all necessary information. Where ever you are, you can always plan, monitor or register your information with solutions from AMS.

Planlegging AMS

We are proficient in

  • Automatic or manual planning
  • Priorities
  • Operation-order
  • Article-structure
  • Material requirement
  • Disposable resources, goods, parts, hours
  • Capacity and actual use
  • Measurements, observations
  • Documents and drawings
  • Monitoring of status and progress


  • Get control over orders, production, project
  • Allocation to resources (person, machine, group) and utilize the capacity and actual use


  • Prioritized work lists
  • All information available
  • Register and report


  • Material consumption
  • Time
  • Produced
  • Measurements and observations
  • Deviation
  • Pictures


  • Status and progress
  • Capacity and actual use

How to plan?

Our solutions are flexible and module-based, making it easy to customize to different production environments.

FMS and diRect will be connected to the customers ERP system, and will import projects and production-orders that can be planned further in our system.

Planned operations with documents, estimated time, materials, measurements etc. will automatically be available in a prioritized worklist for the resource who are performing the job.

An own industry solution for the food industry, diRect Food, preservers planning and paper free production, full tracking, handling of orders, production lines and work stations, prescriptions, articles, measurements, warehouse and deviation.

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