direct MES


  • Barcodes simplify flow of goods
  • Use of barcodes at your warehouse locations is central to optimal goods handling
  • Goods labels with barcodes are essential to confirm the correct goods at the right place
  • Correctly marked goods provide full tracking when goods consumption is registered
  • Execution of warehouse transactions is done using handheld PDAs with scanners
  • Continuous marking of semi-finished, finished goods and packages

Quality-assured labelling in direct MES provides effective control of goods and secure traceability from raw material to finished product.

Our solution simplifies the flow of goods by using markings with barcodes or RFID. Handling of goods to be stored and moved out of the warehouse is quality-assured and optimised when both warehouse locations and goods are well marked.

direct MES produces label content to file so you can choose the best labelling software. Such software allows you to design the layout and size of the labels according to your needs without having to adapt this in direct MES.

When goods are to be stored, labels are used on the storage location to track where each item is in the warehouse. The system then supports requirements to confirm that the correct goods are picked from the proper location.

When registering goods consumption, scanning labels ensures correct tracking of raw materials and semi-finished products used in production. This gives you complete monitoring of the purchase order.

direct MES has full support for distributing different labels to different printers, depending on which workstation and function the employee uses, which are closely linked to your physical printers.

Quality-assured marking gives you efficient control of goods and secure tracking from raw material to finished product. direct MES produces label content to file so you can choose the best labelling software. Manufacturing Execution System.

Marking the Receipt of Goods:

  • Labels with barcodes provide safe goods handling
  • Series and batch number as part of the marking 
  • Goods marked and ready for use in production

From receipt of goods in the warehouse, good marking and efficient routines are required from your employees to handle your goods safely. direct MES helps you with precise label information and handling of your printers. Goods stored in the warehouse are scanned and stored at the marked location.

Marking of Goods in Production:

  • Companies focused on efficiency mark goods during production
  • Provides control over work-in-progress goods and traceability
  • Quality control to avoid using the wrong goods

To ensure that production handles both consumption of the right raw materials and semi-finished products, the system may require that the correct goods be scanned for control. When goods have labels with barcodes containing information about batch and/or serial numbers, the system knows precisely which goods are being used.

Marking of Goods for Shipping:

  • Package labels
  • Shipping documents

Goods picked, packed, and shipped will need different labels and prints to mark goods, packages, and shipping. direct MES has flexible system support and extensive experience in meeting these needs.