direct MES

Paperless Manufacturing

  • Web-based Operator solution
  • Customised for each workstation
  • Prioritised production tasks
  • Easy access to all necessary production information
  • Register progress, material consumption, observations and deviations
  • Option for start and stop times
  • Support for seamless machine communication

Create a seamless production process with our advanced and user-friendly operator solution for paperless manufacturing.

We know the importance of efficient information flow and fast work processes. Our Paperless Manufacturing-solution provides you with a user-friendly and integrated platform that eliminates the need for manual and time-consuming processes.

With our web-based operator solution, you can easily replace old manual lists. At each workstation, operators can access prioritised production tasks and all relevant information, such as drawings, documents, and material needs.

Flexible Paperless Manufacturing

Our operator solution is customised for each workstation so that operators get the information and functions they need to be as efficient as possible. This helps to increase productivity and quality in production.

With our direct MES operator solution, operators can easily register start and stop times for time registration, report progress and completion of operations, and material consumption. Furthermore, they can report the number of units produced, scrap, deviations, and observations.

To increase efficiency, our operator solution enables direct machine communication. This makes starting, stopping, and transferring machine data for each order easy, resulting in a more automated production process.

Let us help you modernise your production and take a step towards a paperless and efficient production process.

Create a seamless production process with our advanced and user-friendly operator solution for paperless production in direct MES. Manufacturing Execution System

Intuitive User Interface:

  • User-friendly and intuitive interface that makes it easy for operators to navigate and perform tasks efficiently
  • Customise the screen images for each workstation so that operators have access to all necessary information and functions
  • Opportunity for quick adjustments and changes to meet changing production needs

Efficient Reporting and Machine Communication:

  • Opportunity for simple and effective reports
  • Reporting of progress and status of operations
  • Registration of produced units or scrap
  • Reporting of deviations with causes and measures
  • Perform measurements to ensure quality control and production requirements
  • Reporting of material consumption to maintain tracking
  • Integrated machine communication provides efficient and secure machine utilisation

Web-based and Integrated System

  • Replace manual lists and archives with a fully integrated and web-based system
  • Access all relevant production information, including drawings, documents, and material needs, on operators' own devices

Real-time Data and Machine Communication

  • Access real-time data from production equipment and sensors for constantly updated information about the production process
  • Integration with the machine's PLC for easy start, stop, and execution of work tasks by orders

Effective Reporting

  • Operators can easily report per operation, including start and stop times for time registration
  • Report progress and completion of operations, material consumption, number of units produced, scrap, deviations, and observations related to orders and stations

Traceability and Quality Control 

  • Achieve better traceability of products through digitally recorded data and electronic forms
  • Incorporate digital quality control functions to identify and manage potential quality problems early in the production process

Increased Productivity and Reduced Use of Time 

  • Reduce manual and time-consuming processes by automating reporting and information flow
  • Increase productivity in production by giving operators easy access to all relevant information and functions