direct MES


  • Warehouse control with complete location management
  • Handling of different warehouses, zones and locations for efficient organisation
  • Receipt of goods with support for quality control
  • Optimised pick lists for the best possible pick route
  • PDA solution for easy operation of warehouse functions
  • Continuously updated inventory information in the ERP system
  • WMS ensures flow of goods to workstations in production

With WMS in direct MES, you get complete control over received goods for material consumption at the individual workstation and handling finished goods for shipment.

direct MES has an integrated WMS module that ensures accurate inventory management with physical control of all goods flowing from A to Z. The solution enables receipt of goods, storage, counting, moving and picking.

The WMS functions, together with planned production, ensure pick lists based on the goods' needs of the production orders so that the workstations in production receive the necessary goods at the right time.

Our WMS solution makes it easy for employees handling goods receipts to register received goods against purchase orders via the operator solution or PDA. Received goods are then matched against the ERP system's purchase order.

direct MES Manufacturing Execution System

direct MES supports printing labels at the receipt of goods so that the system can track goods consumption during production from finished goods back to purchase orders.

The WMS functionality in our MES system provides you with advanced location management and goods flow with complete control over all warehouse movements. From receipt of goods to picking and shipping, our solution ensures a seamless and efficient flow of goods in and out of the warehouse.

You can achieve faster processing times, increased productivity, and reduced costs while ensuring accurate delivery and satisfied customers through optimised pick routes.

With WMS in direct MES, you get complete control over goods from receipt to material consumption at the individual workstation and handling of finished goods for shipment. Manufacturing Execution System.
direct MES – WMS / Stock Movements

Pick for production or shipping:

  • Pick lists directly on PDA or via operator solution
  • Goods replenishment for production
  • Pick of finished goods for shipping 
  • The use of barcodes ensures the picking of the correct goods 

Employees responsible for retrieving and preparing goods for production or delivery receive pick lists directly on PDA. The pick lists contain exact routes for pick location and delivery location. Goods for shipment are registered against the sales order in the ERP system, and you get a complete delivery process while reducing manual errors and streamlining logistics operations. 

WMS Goods Receipt:

  • Receipt of goods is checked against purchase orders
  • Handling of batch and serial numbers
  • Quality control
  • Labelling of goods
  • Handling of partial deliveries
  • Registering cause of damage 

direct MES module for goods receipt allows you as a user to handle all goods received and stored in the warehouse. The solution facilitates seamless integration of purchase orders from ERP so that receipts are controlled and acknowledged against ordered goods.

Received goods are registered with the requirements applicable for tracking goods, such as registration of batch and serial numbers. Often, goods are received without adequate labelling, but the system is designed to print labels that the goods are marked with so that storage, picking, and consumption of goods provide control over each item.

If there is a need for goods control during receipt, such as quality assurance and further measures, the direct MES system supports specifying such requirements on individual articles.

With WMS in direct MES, you get complete control over goods from receipt to material consumption at the individual workstation and handling of finished goods for shipment. Manufacturing Execution System.

Dedicated PDA Solution:

AMS 's Android APP solution for PDA provides a powerful toolbox for efficient warehouse management and optimal logistics. With this dedicated solution, your employees can quickly and accurately handle all warehouse functions, including picking, moving, counting, and adjusting.

  • User-friendly: The intuitive interface allows employees to quickly adopt the APP solution without the need for extensive training
  • Mobility: The PDA device is portable and can be used anywhere in the warehouse, increasing flexibility and productivity
  • Real-time data: All information is seamlessly synchronised with the MES system, so you always have access to up-to-date and reliable data
  • Error-free picking: Pick lists are automatically generated on the PDA device, and picking instructions are displayed to minimise errors and ensure precise picking
  • Efficient counting: Simple and accurate counting of inventory provides better control over inventory and reduces the possibility of discrepancies
  • Quick adjustment: The PDA solution makes it easy to make adjustments in inventory, allowing you to update the system with any changes quickly
  • Automated movement: With the PDA device, you can quickly move goods from one location to another, and the system automatically updates inventory status
  • Integrated traceability: AMS's PDA solution ensures that all movement of goods is accurately recorded and traceable, which is crucial for compliance with industry requirements and quality control